Rexroth A4VTG90HWM

Neda Rexroth A10VD43SR1RS5-948 plunger hydraulic pump for Komatsu PC75uu, Carter 70 Hitachi 70 Sumitomo 75 excavator main pump.
Product details:
1. Open loop static hydraulic drive axial plunger oblique disc structure variable pump.
2. The flow rate of the pump is proportional to the driving speed and the displacement of the pump.
3. Variable pump performance has the advantage of saving driving energy.
4. Allow high speed, good oil absorption performance.
Areas of application:
As Rexroth plunger pump has the advantages of high volume efficiency, smooth operation, good flow uniformity, low noise, high working pressure and so on, it is mainly used in excavators, such as Komatsu PC75uu, Carter 70, Hitachi 70, Sumitomo 75 and other excavators, main pumps and construction machinery, construction vehicles, etc. Agricultural machinery, industrial equipment and other hydraulic transmission field.

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