Rexroth A7VO107LRDS

Rexroth A7VO107LRDS/63L-NZBO1 inclined shaft axial plunger variable hydraulic pump, used for concrete pump bobbin pump.
Product details:
1. Inclined shaft axial plunger variable pump for open circuit hydraulic transmission system.
2. A variety of variables can be used in various control and regulation processes.
3. Solid drive shaft tapered roller bearings make the pump compact, long life.
4. Output flow is proportional to speed and displacement.
Areas of application:
The Rexroth piston pump has the advantages of high volumetric efficiency, stable operation, good uniformity of flow, low noise and high working pressure, etc. It is mainly used in the field of concrete pump truck boom pump and construction machinery and industry.

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